Islamabad the beautiful !

Islamabad, the beautiful is considered to be one of the best cities in Pakistan for living & real estate investments. The capital city is very well planned as compared with many other cities of Pakistan, and it has everything one would seek like peaceful natural beauty, environment, hilly terrain, amazing weather, large commercial markets, government offices, embassies and industrial zones. It has the largest international airport in Pakistan, and it is connected to Punjab and KPK through motorway M-1 and M-2. Islamabad is the home for investors and people from all over the world prefer to invest in Islamabad in compare with other cities. The returns are high, quick and safe.

Why to invest in Farm Houses?

Discover the delights of magnificent views unwind and relax in absolute privacy, the sweet sounds and smells of nature. If you really want to immerse yourself in true outback life, think of buying a house with a farm!

With the infrastructural growth in Pakistan, the vertical expansion of buildings is also somewhere causing asphyxiated state in terms of peace. Away from the hustle bustle of urban areas, people have started to invest in land in remote areas.

A farmhouse is a type of a house, which serves a residential purpose in an agricultural setting. It is surrounded by a farm or a well landscaped garden. These can also be called as country houses, away from one’s residential address, where one can go to spend some time in the lap of nature. The farmhouses are designed in varied manners from traditional to modern. But all have the rural or agricultural flavor. Farmhouses are spread in a modest to a huge chunk of land with large front porches. People prefer farmhouses to experience comfort in a second home, wherein they can also discover the joys of a country life.

One of the biggest opportunity for investors to earn profit beyond imagination is the approval of Ring Road. 

One of the biggest opportunity for investors to earn profit beyond imagination is the approval of Ring Road. 


With the changing trends and market dynamics of real estate sector, people believe in investing in areas that are cheaper in comparison to land available in urban areas.

Royal Farm Houses is the perfect choice for people loves to live in nature with luxury, far from the hustle bustle lifestyle, to spend quality time with family while enjoying beautiful scenic views right from the windows of their rooms.

Royal Farm Houses is the perfect investment with great return on investment (ROI), offering all modern day amenities like grand mosque, parks, jungle theme park, shopping malls with direct access from twin cities. Wide Roads, Electricity, Gas, Telephone and all necessities of life.

Grand Mosque

The central Jamia Masjid being built inside Royal Farm Houses & Residencia is a grand mosque, big enough to hold daily congregational prayers as well as Eid prayers. There are no other mosques in the vicinity.


Royal Farm Houses & Residencia is located at the ideal location of Chakri Interchange, just 25 minutes drive from twin cities, neighboring a series of housing projects, government projects and new international airport of Islamabad


Royal Farm Houses & Residencia is a perfect investment, state of the art development, mosque, parks, health & educational facilities, hotels & restaurants and all luxuries you may expect from a luxurious housing project.

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